Imagine a world shrouded in perpetual darkness. Our eyes, vital conduits to experiencing life’s wonders, are often taken for granted. Yet, for those grappling with visual impairment, each day presents daunting challenges. While we revel in the vibrant hues of our surroundings, they navigate through a world defined by touch and sensation alone.

Your decision to donate your eyes holds transformative power. By offering the gift of sight, you illuminate the lives of not one, but two individuals plunged into darkness. Through your selfless act, they emerge from the shadows, embracing a kaleidoscope of colors previously unseen.

In developing nations, corneal diseases stand as a primary culprit behind visual impairment and blindness. The key to combating corneal blindness lies in corneal transplants. However, in countries like India, where blindness rates are high, there exists a staggering demand for corneas far surpassing the available supply. The shortfall in corneal transplants underscores the critical need for increased eye donations.

You can be a beacon of change by assuming the role of a sight ambassador. Through your advocacy efforts, you can raise awareness and inspire families to consider eye donation, thus amplifying the impact of your generosity and lighting the path toward a brighter future for those in need.

eye donation procedure

Eye Donation is Simple

Eye Donation is Simple


  • Age, sex, race or religion is no bar. Keep informed close relatives about your desire to donate.
  • Wearing glasses, cataract, certain eye problems of blood group does not affect eye donation.
  • On death, inform eye bank immediately to do eye donation .
  • The eye donation must be within 6 hours of death.
  • Close eyes and place wet cotton over lids (to keep cornea moist & healthy).
  • Switch off fans.
  • Removal takes only about 20 minutes.
  • No special room necessary.
  • No disfiguration is caused.
  • Donated eyes are never sold/used otherwise.
  • Two persons gain sight. 2.5 million Indians need sight. Do not deny them life. Spread the message of eye donation.
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