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Right Cataract Lens: A Comprehensive Guide

Which lens is best for cataract surgery

Choosing the Right Cataract Lens: A Comprehensive Guide Introduction: Cataracts are a common vision problem that often comes with aging, and the need for cataract surgery is inevitable for many individuals. One crucial decision that patients face during this process is choosing the type of lens to be implanted. With advancements in medical technology, there […]

Diabetic Retinopathy

Diabetic Retinopathy Eye Problems

Diabetic retinopathy is an eye condition that affects people who have diabetes. At first, it only causes mild blurriness and no other symptoms, but it can lead to permanent blindness if diabetic retinopathy eye problems left untreated. It is caused when the blood vessels of the light-sensitive tissues in the eye get damaged. It usually […]

summer eye care tips

Summer Eye Care Tips

You have to take extra precautions to safeguard your eyes in summer.  Usually, you protect your skin by applying sunscreen, your face covering it, your hair by wearing a scarf or hat, and your eyes wearing sunglasses. But is that enough to protect your eyes?  The scorching heat of the Indian summer can pose serious […]

Eye cataract signs and symptoms

Eye cataract signs and symptoms

As you get older, you start experiencing vision loss and the world around starts getting blurry. A cataract is the foremost cause of visual impairment among elderly people. It is a painless situation where the eyes’ lens blocks the light and vision become unclear,which can be treated by the Best ophthalmologist In India. Nowadays, it […]

Swollen Eyelid Treatment

Swollen Eyelid Treatment

Have you ever experienced eyelid swelling? If yes, you are well aware of the discomfort and annoyance it causes. A swollen eyelid occurs when your eyelid becomes puffy or inflamed. Swelling of the eyes can range from minor to severe swelling and can have many underlying causes. This article will try to understand eyelid swelling, […]

can myopia be cured

Can myopia be cured

What is myopia? Can Myopia be cured. Myopia is a common eye focus disorder and affects a significant percentage of the world’s population. It is a condition when people cannot see objects at a distance, as it appears blurry. For example, a driver may not be able to see a distant road sign until they […]

glaucoma eye treatment

Glaucoma eye treatment

Glaucoma is a medical condition where the eye’s optic nerve gets damaged, affecting your vision. It is caused when there is considerably high pressure in your eye, which damages the optic nerve. You are also more likely to develop glaucoma if members of your family have it. People usually develop this condition in the latter […]

eye vision care

Eye Vision care

Eye Vision care Despite being genuinely remarkable organs, your eyes are subject to stress & injury and are vulnerable to damage. In most cases, people do not have a problem with their vision until they are directed to get a pair of glasses or contact lenses as their sight has started deteriorating. No matter your […]


LASIK Surgery: A Complete Overview

Are you tired of using eyeglasses or contact lenses every day? Are you constantly worried about breaking your eyeglasses or losing your contact lenses while taking them out? If you’ve experienced such problems, you always can get refractive surgery and leave your worries behind. With refractive surgery, you can bid farewell to contact lenses or […]

retinal detachment symptoms

Retinal Detachment Symptoms

In simple terms, retinal detachment or detached retina is a condition where the retina pulls away from its normal position and requires immediate medical attention. Sounds scary, isn’t it! Before you start panicking, let’s understand the condition of retinal detachment, its causes and symptoms. What is Retinal Detachment? The retina is the thin layer of […]


5 Eye Problems in Children & How to Treat Them

Are your kids finding it difficult to read? Do you see them rubbing their eyes often? Eye problems in children are increasing nowadays. Living in a digital world, kids are more exposed to laptops and mobile phones, and it has resulted in an increasing number of eye problems among them. It is crucial to identify […]


Corneal Abrasion: Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

Simply put, corneal abrasion is a scratch on your eye. The scratch can happen in a second or two when dust or dirt gets trapped under your eyelid or when you accidentally poke your eyes. Since the scratch can occur instantly and at any time, it needs to be treated immediately. Let’s understand the condition […]

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