Digital Eye Strain Affects Children Now More than Ever

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Digital eye strain affecting children now more than ever

The current lock down due to COVID-19 pandemic has led to the biggest self-isolation India has ever witnessed. As activities have confined to the four walls of the house, work from home, online schooling has become an instant mantra. Children are spending more time than ever staring at digital screens like computers, tablets, TVs, smartphones, and other devices either for educational. purposes or just for fun. The screen time can take a toll on children & wellbeing including their eyes. Children who spend significantly more time on digital screen tend to have myopia and eye strain problems. Myopia can develop rapidly or even eventually. Children with myopia tend to experience a blurred or distorted vision, squinting or strained eyes and even headache.

Eye-care in the time of corona – Contributed by Dr. Anand Balasubramaniam,Senior Consultant – Cornea, Cataract & Refractive Services, Sankara EyeHospital, Bengaluru