Dazzling With Her Brilliance


Dazzling With Her Brilliance

Every once in awhile we encounter people who are blazing talents, who given the opportunity dazzle others around them with their brilliance. Ms. Sandhya Rani, a very pleasing and soft spoken girl, has won Sankara’s admiration with her dedication.

Sandhya Rani belongs to Gajanur village which is about 10 km. from our hospital. As a child, she faced uncertain times as her parents struggled to make ends meet and educate their two children. Her maternal aunt who was a teacher felt sorry for the kids and took them under her wing. Sandhya went to school at Kallatipura in Chikamagalur district where she studied from I std. to V std. after which she studied at Lingadahalli girls’ school up to VII std., when her aunt got a transfer. It was there that she showed the first glimpse of her brilliance. In VII std., she scored a distinction and stood first in her school. Her aunt was ecstatic and admitted Sandhya to an English medium school at Birur. She passed her 10th std with a first class. She went on to earn a Diploma in Electrical Engineering with a flourish.

However, the search for an engineering job in Bangalore and Shimoga resulted in nought as she was a fresher. She began working as a billing assistant at an automobile shop. During this time, got married and went in the family way. She had to quit her job to rest and soon delivered a baby girl, Sinchana. She started searching for a job when her child was just 3 months old as her husband’s earnings were not enough. She came to know that there was a vacancy in the security department at Sankara Eye Hospital, Shimoga. While she was working as a lady security guard, her patient management skills caught the attention of the Management and she was asked to get her certificates. After seeing that she was so well qualified, she was motivated to join our Vision Care Technician (VCT) course. She put up a brave struggle to study during the course, taking care of a little child along with household responsibilities. Her husband’s encouragement eased her struggle. In 2010 when she appeared for the VCT examination in Coimbatore, she topped the course in the entire Sankara Eye Care Institutions group.

As a staff member, Sandhya Rani has been very dedicated and passionate in her work. She is an all-rounder and has worked in all the departments of our Hospital. She was felicitated during the International Women’s Day celebrations, 2013, in our Hospital. Being a “Star Performer” she has been selected as Training coordinator for training VCT students. She is indeed a source of inspiration to many young girls in our society. Pursuing a diploma in optometry has opened doors to greater opportunities in life.