Smiles Ahead


Currently studying in the 8th standard, Chaaruhaasini’s smile wasn’t as bright a few years back. Things looked bleak for the parents of this girl, who had squint in the left eye. She was taunted in school and was low on self-confidence. But, the parents’ bigger concern was about who would come forward to marry her once she reached a marriageable age. They hadn’t heard of surgery for this condition and could never have imagined that this kind of surgery could be done free of cost. Luckily for them, help was at hand. Our earnest field worker, Kumar, who gathers information about prospective patients with eye conditions and informs them of periodic camps which would be conducted in the vicinity of the villages, counselled them regarding corrective surgery and put their fears to rest. Chaaru’s family was given directions, and eventually, her squint was rectified at Sankara. It was just a one-day procedure and Chaaru was able to go to school the third day itself. She follows up regularly every 3-6 months at Sankara. Chaaru aspires to become an English teacher.