The Joy of Learning


The Joy of Learning

Now that I am a Consultant Phacosurgeon in one of reputed Eye Hospital in Kerala, I felt the need to thank the institute to which I belong. After the blessings of Almighty, the one thing which happened to me which played a very important role in making me what I am today is Sankara Eye Hospital-Shimoga. Also, the prophet of Islam (Pbuh) is reported to have said: “He who doesn’t thank people, doesn’t thank God.”

The journey of 2 years had been a wonderful experience, the joy of learning directly from the stalwarts of Ophthalmology like Dr SB Sir, Dr Sathyan Sir, Dr MPS Sir in the form of regular Video Conferencing or practical surgical tips being right beside with the Specialists like Dr SM Sir, Dr KV Madam is beyond what words can describe. A comparatively rare thing in teaching institutes, which I noticed throughout my residency was the ease of approachability and this I say without exaggeration! I was free to come and discuss any doubt I had, even while the surgeon is operating, they made sure they clear the doubt at the very same moment.

Though there are innumerable such experiences, I would like to share only two of those which I can never forget in my life. Both the instances during my infancy in Sankara. The first one was with Dr KV Madam, the first month of my OT Postings, I was tense and happened to come to observe her surgery. She very calmly enquired about my surgery and difficulties, about my technique and advised me to operate during my beginning few cases by a different technique. She asked, “Do you know 3 Planar ECCE?” to which I replied, “No ma’am”. The only thing she said was “No problem, I’ll teach you” and she demonstrated it in the very case she was beginning to operate on. The second incident, also during my beginning period: Dr SM was my trainer, and so patiently guided me through the steps. Later when I apprehensively asked for my surgical review, he simply replied: “Don’t worry, you are going to improve and do numbers”.

These things happening to a budding surgeon, I thought to myself, what more can I ask for! I was given ample opportunities to develop my clinical and operative skills all throughout my residency. The hospital helped me in all the possible ways to prepare for the exams, be it arranging ‘special’ one to one marathon sessions by Dr Vijayraghavan Sir, or the regular local and special case presentations to different Sankara centres which boosted my confidence before appearing for final practical. In fact, we were trained to a level such that when I got my practical cases I didn’t face any difficulty in deciding how to proceed, as we were confident that it would be evaluated in the same way as we are trained to evaluate as a routine.

Sankara Shimoga also deserves a special place in my life esp Dr Mahesha Sir, the CMO, who was very kind to allow me “Special leave” at a very crucial time in my life when I had to accompany my wife for some time after the theory exams because of her health issues. As everything was done according to NBE rules, I didn’t face any difficulty in official matters and I was allowed to work later for the days I remained absent. I would also like to thank Dr R V Ramani Sir, Dr Radha Ramani Madam who were always there to guide me. I would also like to thank Dr VRV Sir who has helped me in all academic activities and assessing my progress at regular intervals. Lastly, I would like to thank the “TEAM SANKARA”. I deliberately use the term team Sankara, because that’s how it works – As a team. If given a chance, I would definitely like to come again as a subspecialty fellow and work again for the people through Sankara Eye Hospital.